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Analytics Case Studies

Using Tealium Tag Mgmt to Increase Privacy – the flagship site for the Affordable Care Act – turned to Blast for help in bolstering the privacy and information-sharing tools available to their customers. They showed a clear commitment to DNT, implemented easy privacy controls, and became the first US government site to implement this extra layer of security.

Data Visualization Reveals Subscriber Retention and Content Readership Insights

Civil Beat wanted to gain a deeper understanding of user engagement on their site, as well as subscriber cohort activity. Blast Analytics & Marketing recommended custom marketing visualization dashboards using Tableau as the visualization tool, and Google Analytics as the data source.


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Search Marketing (SEO & PPC) Case Studies

Paid Search Optimization Increase YoY Revenue 450% for Ecommerce Site

Vionic partnered with Blast to implement a new PPC strategy to drive sales for the company. Learn how Blast helped them increase their average PPC revenue per month, as well as their YTD revenue.

Paid Search Optimizations Increase Revenue

Sideshow Collectibles partnered with Blast to scale Paid Search presence and revenue and dominate the collectible space. Learn how we helped them expand reach while still focusing on their niche audience for the greatest return.


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Testing & UX Case Studies

Why Timing is Everything in A/B Test Implementation

Blast partnered with Quicken to test their high value product comparison chart page. At first, the results seemed straight forward, but after digging in, Quicken realized that it wasn’t that simple. Find out how the data revealed deeper insights that enabled Quicken to make an informed business decision.

Conversion Rate Optimization Testing Increases Revenue Almost 300%

By strategically designing a series of landing page optimization tests for Telestream, Blast was able to find an optimal balance between messaging, relevance, and usability. The result? Ridiculous increases in revenue and conversion rates.


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