Website Wireframing Methodology

Website wireframes are grayscale line drawings used as blueprints during the development cycle.  They help developers, designers & key project stakeholders build a shared understanding of site functionality before spending time and resources on design and development.   In other words, wireframes define what the product will do when complete.

Key Benefits:

Wireframes are great if you are not sure how to best communicate requirements and specifications in a way that is easy to understand for all project stakeholders.

Wireframes help define key pathways through your site or application & optimal information structures.

Because they are a working document and communication tool, wireframes can be changed rapidly and iteratively.

If you want to know how your target audience will react to your product, wireframes can be used to get qualitative user feedback early in the development cycle.

When wireframes are built with key scenarios and personas in mind, they can help you achieve an optimal user experience now and help you make better design decisions in the future.

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