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Vionic: Paid Search Optimization Increase YoY Revenue 450% for Ecommerce Site


The Vionic team began working with Blast in January 2014 to improve its organic search presence across high-value products, and to support a site migration. In June 2014, they expanded Blast’s engagement to include PPC management.


A 2013 name change, from Orthaheel to Vionic, resulted in some confusion for consumers and led to messaging challenges for the brand.

Additionally, Vionic works with a number of strategic partners who sell their brand and are authorized to bid on their brand name. It was important that the new PPC strategy take into consideration competing marketing efforts from their partners, and organic traffic, that all drive sales for the company.

At the end of 2014, Vionic set a revenue growth goal of 20% year over year.


The Blast paid search team worked with Vionic to develop a strategic approach to PPC.

To educate consumers who use the retired brand name and avoid confusing those already familiar with “Vionic,” new campaigns were organized according to awareness stages.

Blast also analyzed top keyword performance to build out recommendations for terms that should be fully funded with PPC, as well as the projected net gain that would occur from fully funding these keywords.

Vionic PPC + Organic Results Comparison

Campaigns were optimized for efficiency to drive a strong return and allow for volume growth.


Blast’s initial campaign restructure resulted in performance that exceeded initial projections in net gain, and these improvements have continued throughout the year.

The brand awareness messaging funnel resulted in streamlined searches, customer education, and additional sales:

By strategically using a variety of ad extensions and ad formats (including video & shopping), ads were effectively differentiated from competition, resulting in significant account gains in revenue and across key metrics YoY:

CTR: +261% CPO: -40% ROAS: +70%
Avg. Pos: -46% Conv Rate: +94% Imp Share: +524%

Through a strategic optimization process, Blast has driven stronger brand awareness, and grown Vionic’s average PPC revenue per month by 287%, resulting in a 459% YTD revenue increase.

Blast’s breadth and depth of knowledge that helped us through a major brand transition is now helping us to grow the visibility and awareness of our brand. Their team members, each with key strengths, work seamlessly together to identify opportunities and orchestrate solutions.

Christina Goebel, Director, Digital


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Project Overview


  • Use PPC to help increase revenue (set a 2014 growth goal of 20% YoY)


  • Structured campaigns by awareness stages
  • Analyzed top keyword performance to build out recommendations with projected net gains
  • Optimized campaigns for efficiency


  • 287% increase of average PPC revenue per month
  • 459% increase of YTD revenue


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