Velocity SEO Audit

Set the Pace for Content Development

Creating and maintaining quality content breadth and depth is vital for the success of a website. Since Google and other search engines strive to provide the best, most up-to-date search results, constantly creating and optimizing your content is a way to send them maximum positive SEO signals.

Ideally, your marketing team is publishing new web pages, blogs, videos and social media posts on a regular basis, while frequently updating existing content. Creating new content can be a slow process for many organizations, but with a structured approach you can dramatically improve search engine results, topical and site authority, traffic, and conversions.

Get the Most Out of Your Content

A velocity audit helps you assess and understand the pace of development and optimization for your key marketing content versus your competitors. Velocity auditing and monitoring can help identify potential competitive threats as early as 18 months before they are able to obtain an advantage. By identifying which competitors have more developed content for specific themes, you can define your content creation priorities.

What’s Included in a Velocity Audit?

Content Creation

Marketing Content Creation

Blog Content Creation

Support Content Creation

Content Analysis

Blog Content Analysis

Content Optimization

Marketing Content Optimization

Blog Content Optimization

Support Content Optimization

After the initial audit reports, you may choose to enter into a partnership agreement with us to continuously measure and monitor your velocity and make sure you’re staying ahead of the pack. Are you ready to get a competitive advantage and act before they do? Request a proposal for a custom velocity SEO audit today!

Taking the First Step

Are you ready to get a competitive advantage and act before they do? Request a Consultation for a custom Velocity SEO audit today!

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