Social SEO Audit

Make Your Social Media More Effective

Social media is arguably the most misunderstood aspect of digital marketing, but when executed properly it can reward your business in several ways. First, it’s a (typically) free form of advertising that can drive traffic directly to your site, where you control the user’s experience. A good example of this would be someone clicking on a picture of your product on Pinterest, which leads them to your ecommerce site. Another example might be a particularly compelling tweet that excites a reader so much that they want to read an entire blog post and even subscribe to your email list.

Social media is also a free forum for unlimited market research where you can gauge brand affinity, brand strength, and customer relationships through neutral and unbiased feedback. Social is a powerful vehicle for two-way communication with your target audience, giving you a window into a customer’s perception of your brand. It accomplishes what telemarketing used to attempt, and without the risk of annoying your customer during dinner hour!

Measure Social Media Success

A social SEO audit analyzes your social media presence and efficacy. We determine if you’re making use of the best channels for your product or service, and using their different functions to their best advantage. We document how your content is being liked or shared, and how your customers are interacting with your posts, as well as analyze how successful it is at driving conversions. Through this evaluation process we provide recommendations to improve social network-specific search performance.

What’s Included in a Social SEO Audit?

We perform an extensive analysis, reveal your social SEO challenges in order of priority, and ultimately provide you with an Audit Overview and Social SEO Scorecard. This scorecard gives you a quick snapshot of how you’re doing, followed by a deep dive into specific Social SEO factors such as:

Social SEO Factors

Blog Analysis

Social Integration Competitor Comparison

Social Media Profiles Analysis & Search Optimization

Audience Participation

Post-Optimization Review

Tagging Recommendations

Localization Review

Keyword Targeting

On-Site Social Review (Implementation of Buttons, Comments, etc.)

Social Media Metadata (Open Graph, Twitter Cards)

Image & Video Optimization

Taking the First Step

Ready to increase your social profile and increase engagement with your audience? Request a Consultation for a custom Social SEO audit today.

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