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Leverage the Power of Your Data

As your analytics consulting partner supporting you to EVOLVE your organization, Blast is committed to helping you achieve results sooner than later. While we maintain a long-term view of your analytics journey, our Quick Start Solutions are designed to accelerate your progress, deliver immediate impact, and provide the foundation for sustainable success. Put your data to work now.

Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is a leading catalyst for digital transformation – and overall business success – which is why many companies are investing in delivering more relevant, personalized, and engaging experiences across their various marketing channels. Through our various Quick Start Solutions, Blast helps you turn your vast amounts of data into actionable insights that improve your CX and delight your audiences.

Experimentation Acceleration

Fast track your efforts in creating a culture of experimentation.

Customer Experience (CX) Audit

Discover actual pain points your customers are struggling with.


Voice of Customer

Delight customers with an experience that truly speaks to them.

CX/Testing Roadmap

Optimize conversion on your site with a data-driven testing strategy.



Deliver a customized experience to valuable audience segments.


Optimize Marketing Performance

Leveraging our deep analytics consulting expertise, unique SIOT methodology, and cross-industry experience, Blast will help you improve your organization’s marketing efforts to maximize desired business outcomes. Our Quick Start Solutions focus on specific marketing tactics aligned to your larger marketing strategy, delivering data-driven recommendations to better engage, convert, and retain more customers.

Customer Data Platform Consulting

Unify your data to better understand and address customer needs.

Customer Segmentation

Increase marketing ROI by targeting customers more effectively.

Social Listening

Gather business insights that help you truly understand your audience.

Data Visualization

Transform your data into actionable insights for faster decision making.


Increase Competitive Advantage

Your competition is moving fast, but you can gain the upper hand by more quickly and effectively putting your data to use – with Blast at your side. Our Quick Start Solutions, supported by experienced analytics consultants and designed to address your most pressing challenges and opportunities, enable you to capitalize on new markets, reach more customers, and grow your business faster than your competitors.

Privacy Consent Management

Build trust with your customers by reducing privacy risks.

Data Integration/Management

Use multi-source data to quickly answer key business questions.

Analytics Maturity Framework

Accelerate your journey with an analytics roadmap.

Tag Management

Improve website security without losing flexibility and reliability.

Data Quality Audit

Improve data quality and collect the right data to make better business decisions


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