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Turn Insights Into ROI

Gain a clear understanding of campaign effectiveness – with cross-channel measurement and analysis – to strategically allocate marketing resources and accelerate growth.

Comprehensive, Outcome-Focused Solution

As trusted MarTech advisors who partner with the top vendors, our senior analytics and marketing consultants empower your people with the actionable insights they need.

You’ll gain confidence in your data and be able to answer your most curious questions, while your team will have the wisdom to make better decisions that optimize marketing ROI.

This end-to-end solution supports you to EVOLVE and more effectively identify, reach, engage, convert, and retain your target audiences.

How Will You EVOLVE?

Move past the competition with a clear understanding of how to improve your marketing campaign effectiveness:

  • Integrate all your disparate marketing data sources
  • Enhance cross-channel marketing performance measurement
  • Maximize the value of your marketing data insights
  • Attribute the value of each marketing touchpoint
  • Know how each channel impacts customer conversion/retention
  • Measure the true impact of traditional and digital advertising

Results You Can Expect

  • Greater Visibility into What’s Working and What’s Not
  • Higher Customer and Prospect Loyalty
  • Increased Customer Acquisition
  • Reduce Wasteful Spending
  • Stronger Marketing ROI

Blast Can Help You

Discover Marketing Opportunities

Marketing analytics give you the opportunity to focus on prospects and lead generation. What does your ideal customer look like? You can use the data you have about your existing customers to find new high value customers.

  • Analytics Strategy
  • Channel/Funnel Insights
  • Programmatic Marketing
  • Customer Data Platform
  • 360 View of Customer
  • Predictive Analytics

Monitor Marketing Goals/KPIs

Tracking and monitoring progress towards your goals helps you make better decisions, particularly about the allocation of resources. Goals force choices and defining and agreeing on them is the first step in meeting your business objectives.

  • Analytics Strategy
  • Campaign Tracking Strategy
  • Lead Scoring
  • Goal & KPI Strategy
  • Marketing Budget Analysis

Implement Marketing Dashboards

Marketing campaigns generate a lot of data, marketing dashboards can pull in data from multiple sources and display it in a single location.

  • Self Service Dashboards
  • Role Based Dashboards
  • Customer Touchpoint Analysis
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Alerts & Notifications

Gain Marketing Insights

Gain a competitive advantage by evaluating you marketing performance and using that data to guide your future marketing initiatives.

  • Social Listening Insights
  • Marketing Mix Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Advanced Customer Segmentation
  • Forecasting & Marketing Spend Analysis
  • Self Service Dashboards

Segment and Personalize Audiences

Segmentation and personalization allows your business to make sense of your customer’s data, identify the specific needs of different customer groups and utilize these insights to deliver personalized experiences throughout the customer journey.

  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Segmentation Strategy
  • Personalization Execution
  • Customer Data Platform

Optimize MarTech Stack

Use the right technology at the right time to better understand and connect with your customers.

  • Analytics Maturity Assessment
  • Competitive MarTech Stack Audit
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Data Warehouse

Integrate Marketing Data

When it comes to MarTech, the source data can be complex and heavily siloed. By integrating all of your marketing data, you can create a seamless view of the customer journey that aids in smarter decision making.

  • OTT / On-Premise Analytics
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Data Warehouse
  • 360 View Of Customer (Single Source of Truth)

Answer Marketing Questions

When it comes to marketing analytics, it’s imperative to focus on data to answer questions. What channels are most effective and who responded to which campaigns.

  • Analytics Strategy
  • Marketing Attribution
  • Channel/Funnel Insights
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation

What sets them apart from other agencies I have worked with in the past is their willingness to jump in and take ownership, driving important conversations about best-in-class solutions. They stay close to your projects and make you feel you are their only client, always available to jump on a call to discuss any concerns. I can’t say how happy I am working with Blast Analytics & Marketing, and will continue to build a relationship and work with them in the future.



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