Mixpanel Consulting

Mixpanel Consulting

Survey Your AudienceSurvey Your Audience

Track Product UsageTrack Product Usage

Analyze User RetentionAnalyze User Retention

By understanding why customers engage, convert, and return, marketers can EVOLVE their organizations and drive better results. Mixpanel, combined with Blast’s consulting expertise, will enable you to effectively analyze, measure, and improve your customer experiences.

Mixpanel: Engage Customers, Improve Results

Get more personal with your analytics! is an advanced analytics platform for mobile and the web. It can help you more deeply understand how your users behave on your digital properties.

Mixpanel Analytics Activity Timeline Screen

How is Mixpanel Different?

  • See timeline activity for specific users (see example to the right)
  • Survey your audience
  • Send personal messages to users
  • Engage users with automated messages based on specific events
  • Measure lifetime value of customers
  • Powerful customer segmentation and targeting

Event-Driven Analytics

The platform gives you the ability to measure any action a customer takes on your site or mobile app. By tracking events, Mixpanel allows you to associate properties with those events, and associate profile data with people. Once the visitor profile is set, you can filter the content to target the specific user. This analytics platform is extremely flexible, which is ideal for tracking individual interactions, and the reports available in the interface provide powerful insights down to a specific user. 

Mixpanel also provides you with the ability to conduct top-of-the-line mobile A/B testing, so you can develop the best possible version of your application. 

More Targeted Interactions with your Audience

If you are ready for more targeted and individual interactions with your audience, based on their needs and interests, we can help you properly setup this leading analytics platform and ensure you are getting the most value out of it.

We’ll review your goals to help you set up proper key performance indicators (KPIs) to track so you can measure, analyze, and optimize. With proper training, customization, and strategy you will get the information you need to:

  • Track product usage
  • Measure conversion rates
  • Analyze visitor retention
  • Build reporting segments on the fly
  • Send targeted messages based on behavior

Mixpanel Analytics Consulting

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