SEO Market Share Report

Want a bigger piece of the Search Engine pie?

Want a bigger piece of the Search Engine pie?

The SEO Market Share Report examines your site’s competitiveness within the search engine landscape.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective ways to produce a high ROI for your website. However, it requires a great deal of experience, precision and creativity in order to produce a sustainable competitive advantage.

The SEO Market Share Report is a critical step in the overall SEO Process. It will determine how well your site is currently optimized for search visibility, while identifying areas of opportunity within your search niche.

Why is the SEO Market Share Report valuable?

The reason this Market Share Report is valuable is because it helps you justify your SEO Investment by providing you with a clearer picture of the monthly non-paid search revenue potential that can be gained by investing in SEO.

Plus, in the next step of the SEO process, your business goals will be aligned with the opportunities found in the Market Share Report to develop a plan of attack (i.e. SEO Action Plan).

SEO Market Share Report includes:

SEO Market Share Analysis

  • Search volume of top 20-30 keywords and long-tail keywords
  • Current and Potential Future Market Share
  • Provides the cost per click and total value of your current non-paid traffic
  • Identifies primary and secondary keywords to target
  • Shows how your search rankings affect your traffic value
  • Forecasts ranking opportunities
  • Forecasts traffic value from improved rankings
  • Optionally, includes a detailed analysis of your competitors

SEO Estimated Impact Report

The SEO Estimated Impact Report provides specific estimates on how SEO efforts will affect traffic, conversions, and revenue. This report takes into account your conversion rate to be as accurate as possible so that we can maximize the value of SEO efforts. Specifically, it will provide detailed analysis of the potential:

  • Market Share Impact
  • Organic Traffic Impact
  • Transactions Impact
  • Branded Versus Non-Branded Transaction Value
  • Non-Branded Transaction Impact
  • Branded Transaction Impact
  • Non-Paid Search Traffic Gross Revenue Impact
  • Non-Paid Search Traffic Value Impact
  • ROI – Total
  • ROI – Monthly
  • ROI – Year by Year
  • Increased Profits Based on ROI

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