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Marketo is one of the leading marketing automation platforms in the industry, yet many marketers are only using a fraction of its capabilities due to the complexity of a proper custom implementation. It’s time to maximize your wise investment! With Blast’s Marketo consulting services, our team of Marketo Certified Agency Partner consultants will assist you with strategy, implementation, optimization and training.

If you already have Marketo running, a consultant from our team can perform a Marketo Performance Audit to ensure you are taking full advantage of all of your Marketo instance features, and that it is optimized for maximum performance.

What Can Marketo Do?

Marketo does more than just send emails, it is a robust marketing automation platform that can help increase the efficiency and quality of leads passed through to your sales team. Here’s a brief list of the major areas that Marketo can automate with regard to your marketing operations; all of which Blast’s Marketo consultants can help implement and optimize.

Lead Generation

  • Landing Pages: Having unique and relevant landing pages helps drive better quality traffic and higher conversions. Marketo’s drag and drop interface makes creating them a snap.
  • Forms: In addition to landing pages, Marketo helps you easily create forms that can be used across multiple campaigns to capture new leads.

Lead Management

Trying to manually keep track of leads is like trying to follow a single raindrop in a thunderstorm. Luckily, Marketo offers a whole slew of features to help automate the process, so you can spend more time creating quality content.

  • Lead Lifecycle: Automatically update which stage of the lifecycle a lead is in based on a set of rules and triggers.
  • Lead Nurturing: When leads are not ready for sales, automatically segment and enroll them into a nurture program where they will receive relevant content specific to the product or service for which they are most interested.
  • Lead Scoring: Assign values to both demographic and behavioral variables to ensure the sales team will only be sent leads that are indicative of being “sales ready” based on a pre-defined scoring methodology.

Program Management

Having trouble keeping track of all your marketing programs? Marketo offers a customizable marketing calendar so you and your team have full insight as to what’s running and when. Create, schedule and track performance of…

  • emails
  • webinars
  • push notifications
  • social media


Now that you have marketing automation in place, you’ll want to know how much it’s increased your ROI, right? Marketo can do that too. From tactical email reporting to the more strategic revenue analyzer, Marketo has a full suite of pre-configured reports to measure performance, and can also help you determine where to spend your next dollar.

Is There Anything Marketo Can’t Do?

Marketo cannot cook your dinner, file your taxes, or create original content. You’ll need to keep a human around for that. Seriously though, if you are looking for immediate answers about Marketo Marketing Automation Software, go explore the features now.

Don’t Try To Go It Alone

A certified Marketo marketing automation consultant from Blast would be happy to chat with you about your goals and help you determine whether or not Marketo is the best option for you. We highly recommend Marketo, but it isn’t right for all organizations. Since we provide marketing automation consulting for the top software solutions, we can provide discovery services to help you through the vendor selection process.

We can also help get you back on track if you’ve already begun implementing Marketo and find yourself unexpectedly overwhelmed.

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