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Importance of a Solid International SEO Strategy

Top search engines vary in different parts of the world, each with their own set of ranking factors and best practices. For instance, Google has numerous country code top level domains (ccTLD’s), each providing search results targeted for a specific country in its native language, while Bing uses to set location and language cookies.

Without a solid global and regional SEO strategy it is easy to make mistakes that can cause search engines to significantly drop your site rankings, or even delist your site(s). The following are a few considerations that can have a major impact on your global rankings:

  • Should you target each country or group them by language?
  • Is it best to use a ccTLD, Subfolder, or Subdomain structure?
  • Language is critical, from native keywords to phrasing and grammar. Don’t simply translate from one language to another.
  • Customizing content as much as possible for each country or market makes it more relevant, increasing conversions, and decreasing duplicate content.

Why Choose Blast for International SEO?

Following our proven process below of strategy, implementation, optimization, and training services we have helped many companies research, plan, and execute effective international SEO strategies.


Perform audits and deep research to take advantage of opportunities and minimize threats.

Work with your team to ensure goals are met through customer journey focused search strategies and ongoing planning.


Connect your strategy to tactics and help get tasks accomplished using industr-leading methods.

Guide content roadmap and provide content recommentdations.

Manage search marketing analytics and tracking tools.


Digital/search marketing and analytics training options to educate your team on best practices and tools.

Provide Digital/Search/Analytics Governance to ensure standards, centralized resources, effective workflows and evolving organizational maturity.


Connect your strategy to tactics and help get tasks accomplished using industry-leading methods.

Guide content roadmap and provide content recommendations.

Manage search marketing analytics and tracking tools.

International SEO Capabilities

Choosing Blast as your International SEO team means:

Support & Experience

  • International/local keyword research methodology for identifying optimal keywords per country/region
  • Deep International Localization & Intra-Organizational Domain Technical Knowledge
  • Network of International contractors for translation and copywriting services
  • In-house native Portuguese translation (PT, BR) and native Spanish translation (MX, ES, CR), native Queen’s English (UK, AU, CA), and Japanese language (JP) experience


We help you establish a Center of Excellence to manage governance, centralize resources, create standards, ensure SEO is part of the editorial process, disseminate strategies and tactics for Global and regional markets, and train content creators to better understand how to implement SEO recommendations.

Global Strategy & Tactics

Global strategy is essential since it directly ties into your regional strategy. If implemented incorrectly, this can cause international content conflicts, reducing efficiency and performance potential for individual regions, and the overall company. Services provided include:

  • IA/Hierarchy/Taxonomy Strategy & Management
  • Global Keyword Research & Content Theme Strategy
  • Progress reviews, continual opportunity identification, and prioritization
  • Technical Management (such as sitemap implementation with HREFLANG tags)
  • International Targeting
  • Analytics Implementation and Measurement Strategy

Regional Strategy & Tactics

Transparency between regions is needed in order to create effective regional strategies and tactics that can roll up to the global SEO strategy. We help:

  • Conduct Regional Keyword Research & develop your Content Theme Strategy (per region/language)
  • Analyze user scenarios and provide strategy to determine the use of auto-redirects (based on location, browser settings, etc), automated location/language notices, and manual user location/language settings.
  • Nullify duplicate content and canonicals within each region, between similar language regions, and globally
  • Content Audits & Optimization
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Technical mobile SEO management


After developing your International SEO strategy and working with your global team to implement recommendations, we also provide you with the data you need to track your progress.

Using our Measurement for Success Framework we will tie results back to your originally identified goals, while also providing you with Global SEO and Regional drill-down reports, SEO Performance Reports, and SEO Issue reports to identify further optimization opportunities.

We are also data visualization experts and can provide you with detailed dashboard visualization reports so you can quickly see where you stand for:

  • Search Engine Position
  • Competitor Visibility Comparison
  • Organic Visibility by Region
  • Organic Visibility by Country
  • Ranking Distribution

International SEO Experience

We have diverse experience working with Global organizations in multiple time zones and, more importantly, with different languages and cultures.

Here are some other examples of our International experience:

  • Retalix: Work with teams in Israel to develop site and create/optimize Japanese, Hebrew, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and other language content.
  • HP: Large projects working with business units across Germany, Netherlands, Peru, UK, France, and USA.
  • LeapFrog: Providing global SEO recommendations and direction through USA headquarters.
  • Lazada: Work closely with Asia’s #1 online shopping site in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  • Netflix: Search optimized content strategy consulting, global SEO modeling scenarios, site migration strategy, SEO dashboard/visualizations, and related consulting for South America/Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, and Australia.
  • Blurb: Analysis, strategy and development of multi-lingual and multi-regional functionality. Ongoing optimization/transcreation with executives based in UK and USA for many languages including Dutch, German, French, French Canadian, Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), Spanish (Spain and Mexico), Italian, and Queen’s English.
  • Yellow NZ: Ongoing partnership with their team based in New Zealand
  • Brocade: Work with team in North America, LATMA, EMEA, and APAC.
  • English First: Work with teams based in London and Hong Kong.

International SEO Leads to 174% Increase in Traffic and Huge ROI

Check out the impressive results we delivered for Blurb in this International SEO Case Study:

Case Study


International SEO Leads to 174% Increase in Traffic and Huge ROI

Blurb partnered with Blast to meet a simple goal: increase sales. We bumped up their bottom line by providing technical, UX, and content marketing strategy that was informed by data…

Read Case Study »


International SEO Leads to 174% Increase in Traffic and Huge ROI


Blurb was not ranking well internationally and had a limited share of International Organic Search Traffic. They were missing out on opportunities to drive large volumes of visitors at a lower cost and create sustainable traffic throughout all stages of the customer journey.


Blurb was at a competitive disadvantage for acquiring and retaining customers at a lower cost due to over dependence on paid search and other channels. If changes weren’t made, competitors would continue to dominate search engine results and eventually drive Blurb out of the organic search market.


Blurb partnered with Blast Analytics & Marketing to implement a digital marketing strategy that would maintain existing traffic levels, minimize user frustration, ensure existing SEO value was properly transferred to the new domains, and ensure that the new domains were set up for long-term International SEO success.


As a result of the successful transition, Blurb saw huge increases in non-branded organic search traffic year over year as shown in the graph below. The domain authority increased for all ccTLDs, ranking improved for top keywords for all international domains, and user frustration was greatly diminished as the country-specific domain became the preferred domain for that country’s SERP.

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