Google API Integration

Analytics, Adwords, YouTube and other Google API Integrations

One of the most impressive values of Google API integration right now is the ability to create Analytics Dashboards that allow your executives to centralize data from multiple sources including Analytics data, Adwords/Paid Search data and data from other software like accounting systems, CRM systems and more.

Other impressive Google API implementation examples include:

  • Automating large scale YouTube video search engine optimization, video uploads and YouTube channel management (YouTube API Integration)
  • Bringing data and features into Content Management and Ecommerce Systems from Google Adwords, Analytics, Website Optimizer, Maps, Checkout, Chart, YouTube Videos and more

Most Popular Google APIs that we Integrate:

  • Google AdWords API – Automate and streamline your campaign management activities. 
  • Google Analytics API – Track your site traffic, and write your own client applications that use Analytics data in the form of Google Data API feeds.
  • Google Chart API – Dynamically embed charts in your webpage.
  • Google Checkout API – Start selling on your website.
  • Google Maps API – Integrate Google’s interactive maps with data on your site.
  • Google Webmaster Tools API – View and update site information and Sitemaps in the form of feeds.
  • YouTube API – Integrate YouTube videos into your website or application.
  • View All Google APIs we can help you integrate into your systems

What is a Google API?

The Google API stands for ‘Application Programmable Interface’, which is an interface that allows you to seamlessly integrate your software with Google services. The Google APIs can pull data from and/or automate features of Google Services like Google Analytics, Adwords, YouTube and more.

Why use our Google API Integration services?

  • Blast Analytics & Marketing is a trusted Google Partner – We’re Google Analytics 360 Certified Resellers, Google Analytics Certified Partners, a Google Adwords Premier Partner, and a Google Optimize 360 Authorized Consultant.
  • Our extensive Google API Integration Experience minimizes your risk and ensures successful implementation.

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