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Google Analytics Audit

Are you tracking your ROI and Performance Metrics correctly?

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Ensure the integrity, specificity, and accuracy of site performance data with a Google Analytics Audit.

The “out of the box” configuration of Google Analytics does not take your unique business goals into consideration. Data you are using to make decisions may not be the best representation of your website’s performance. The Google Analytics Audit was developed to be sure that you have meaningful and actionable data to continuously improve your website and online marketing.

During a Google Analytics Audit, our Google Analytics Consultants listen to your business goals, perform a diagnosis of your account, evaluate your tracking needs, provide detailed recommendation documentation and assist you through the implementation process of your advanced tracking setup.

Google Analytics Audit Includes:

  • Goal Discovery 
  • Technical Documentation
  • Support & Assistance
  • Custom Reports & Segmentation
  • Strategic Recommendations
  • Post-Implementation Audit

Goal Discovery

Before starting, Analytics Experts meet with your team to gain a full understanding of your unique tracking needs and business goals.

Technical Documentation

Once goals are defined, your current Google account is analyzed. Required changes are documented along the way in a comprehensive JavaScript and Code Installation Document to assist with implementation.

Support & Assistance

If you are having difficulties implementing the suggested changes, you can always ask your Google Analytics Consultant for help. Or, they can access your site (with your permission) and make any required changes.

Custom Reports & Segmentation

Once tracking is finalized, Advanced Segments are developed to isolate specific subsets of traffic. Custom Reports are also created to help you view the data you need more efficiently.

Strategic Recommendations

Along with documented recommendations, your Google Analytics Audit will feature strategic recommendations for future goal implementation, account configuration, custom reporting, and advanced segmentation.

Post-Implementation Audit

Immediately following implementation, your account is audited to ensure data is being tracked correctly. A third audit also occurs 30 days after implementation to ensure that you are happy with your new account configuration and the data being tracked.

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If you’re ready to get more actionable insight out of your Google Analytics software, get in touch with our Certified Partner Google Analytics consultants to discuss a Google Analytics audit or other analytics audits we can provide.

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