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An Enterprise Solution to Help You EVOLVE

Today’s organizations have more user data than ever before, spread across the enterprise in myriad systems and forms.

While this ever-increasing amount of information can be daunting, it represents an immensely valuable resource for digital marketers tasked with implementing more strategic, results-oriented initiatives. Those that can harness their data to better understand their users’ behavior and needs will undoubtedly surpass the competition with:

  • Greater insights
  • Better decision making
  • Increased action
  • Improved business performance

Enter the Google Analytics 360 Suite, supported by Blast’s proven expertise.

Expanding on Google Analytics Premium — the previous paid version of Google’s widely used platform — Google Analytics 360 Suite presents a new, better integrated suite of enterprise-level products to create a more seamless, holistic view of online marketing efforts. Enterprise marketers now can deploy the perfect analytics solution to deliver the right messages to the right customers at the right moment, without spending resources on overlapping or unnecessary bundled features.

With Blast as your Certified Google Analytics consultant, you’ll benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience, gained from hundreds of successful client engagements, to help maximize your return on investment and EVOLVE your organization.

What is the Google Analytics 360 Suite?

The Google Analytics 360 Suite is a set of connected tools for enterprise marketers and analysts to measure and improve the entire customer experience. The suite is built to help you maximize your brand experience with better, more engaging ads, improved customer experiences, and more leads and sales.

The six products, including four brand new ones, can work independently or together, to provide a cohesive marketing analytics technology solution:

Google Analytics 360 iconGoogle Analytics 360 (formerly Google Analytics Premium) – Industry-leading analytics integrated with Google 360 tools to enable analysis from all touchpoints.

Google Tag Manager 360Google Tag Manager 360 – Tag management system to more easily deploy and manage all third-party tags, from a single interface.

Google Optimize 360Google Optimize 360 – Powerful testing platform to quickly test, adapt, and personalize customer experiences.

Google Attribution 360Google Attribution 360 (formerly Adometry) – Marketing attribution and optimization platform to improve return on advertising investment.

Google Audience Center 360Google Audience Center 360 (beta) – Data Management Platform (DMP) that aggregates all data sources to better understand your customers.

Google Data Studio 360Google Data Studio 360 (beta) – New data analysis and visualization tool that transforms real-time data into interactive reports and dashboards.

Get the Most Out of Google Analytics 360

Offering direct access to our team of Certified Google Analytics consultants, Blast helps you optimize deployment and use of the Google Analytics 360 Suite. Whether implementing one or all of the products, you’ll benefit from our expertise, process, and deep understanding of your business, to increase the value of your analytics technology.

We’ll even help you evaluate and select what products make most sense for your business and assess the Google Analytics 360 cost.

How Blast Can Guide Your Success

Google Analytics 360 Suite Roadmap

While each product stands well on its own, the true power of the Google Analytics 360 Suite is the ability to easily share data across all of the Google platforms. Blast excels at bringing the pieces together with a thoughtful, aligned analytics strategy.

Sample Roadmap

We begin by helping you implement Google Tag Manager 360 to serve analytics and marketing tags on your site. This provides a strong base for your data collection and ensures you are capturing data in the most optimal manner.

Once you begin capturing your data, Blast’s data visualization and A/B testing experts can help glean valuable insights, using Google Data Studio 360 to create robust reports and dashboards for a clear picture of your customers and what they want.

We’ll also show you how Google Audience Center 360 can bring together all your data — analytics, search, display, email, social, and customer relationship management — for a more unified customer view.

Next, we’ll apply our expertise with Google Optimize 360 to help you improve site performance, leveraging behavioral data and segmentation from Google Analytics 360 to effectively target your testing. Through this process, Blast will help you test different site variations, make changes, and deliver the optimal customer experiences.

But we don’t stop there. When you are ready to perform advanced analysis of your marketing channels, we’ll help you use Google Attribution 360 to better understand the different touch points your users encounter, see what’s working best, refine your marketing strategy, and investing your resources where it matters.

Unique Proven Process Drives Your Results

Blast offers comprehensive, customized consulting services for the Google Analytics 360 Suite of products. Our proven, data-driven process, honed through hundreds of client engagements, considers your unique situation during each phase:

  • Strategy – Understanding your business and challenges is the first, critical step. Through deep research and discovery, we ensure your goals are met across the customer journey.
  • Implementation – Getting Optimize 360 up and running requires focus. We connect your goals and strategies with specific tactics to make it happen.
  • Optimization – Conversion optimization is a continuous process. Key analyses and insights from every test are incorporated into future rounds of testing.
  • Training – We are committed to long-term results. Our Google Analytics consultants provide ongoing education and training to guide your sustained success.

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