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Launch Your Culture of Experimentation

Today, customers expect businesses to anticipate and meet their needs. While a one-time customer experience (CX) audit is useful in addressing current pain points, the customer journey is constantly evolving. Therefore, leaders must embrace a customer-centric strategy to stay ahead of customers’ ever-changing desires and expectations. The key is to build a data-driven culture of experimentation to continuously identify and eliminate sources of friction.

Yet many organizations don’t know where to start. That’s where Blast’s team of experimentation experts come in. We’ll help accelerate the process and prepare your team for success, ensuring you have a proven testing process in place, along with proper technology setup and accurate data tracking, to begin experimentation — and EVOLVE your customer experience.


Establish a formal testing process as the cornerstone of your experimentation culture

Optimize technology platforms to support experimentation

Discover how to take action with data-driven test recommendations

Make solid business decisions backed by quantifiable results

Breakdown silos by sharing experimentation insights and celebrating wins across teams

Consistently EVOLVE with the customer journey and experience



  • Kickoff Meeting – Understand business key performance indicators (KPIs) and experimentation goals; introduce experimentation program and process
  • Analytics and Experimentation Infrastructure Audit
  • Implementation and Integration of Analytics and Experimentation Platform
  • Experimentation Strategy for First Test – Analyze data, propose test recommendation, and create formal test plan
  • Experimentation Implementation and Quality Assurance (QA) for First Test – Collaborate with client’s team on experimentation buildout, including a proper QA of the test variants
  • Experimentation Reporting for First Test – After test conclusion, work with client on proper test results analysis and statistical significance calculations; provide formal test report and discuss next steps.
  • Training – Educate the client’s team on preferred topic, such as an overview of their experimentation platform, understanding the impact of integrating experimentation with analytics, or testing best practices.


  • Experimentation Infrastructure Audit Summary – Provides results from the analytics and experimentation infrastructure audit.
  • Test Recommendations Template – Encourages collaboration among the different teams to share test ideas and prioritize the testing roadmap.
  • Test Plan (For Test #1) – Outlines background information, hypothesis, target audience, primary goal(s), and variation mockups.
  • Test Report (for Test #1) – Includes the test plan, test results, key insights, and recommendations on next steps
  • Testing Program Dashboard – Provides key insights for leaders on the value of their experimentation program, including data on experiment frequency, experiment success, and incremental lift on primary KPI, as well as a summary for each concluded test for further review.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

If you have questions or you’re ready to discuss how Experimentation Acceleration can help you EVOLVE your organization, talk to a Solutions Consultant today. Call 1 (888) 252-7866 or contact us below.

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The Blast team has been a joy to work with on this experiment. In particular, Roopa Carpenter, who we work with on our test strategy and execution, has been patient, clear, and customer-focused. Over and over again, she has been very responsive to all our needs. Most important, even during the heat of peak season, she remained professional and focused. We truly value this partnership!

Janin Kompor, Web Strategy Leader


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Common Supported Platforms

  • Optimizely X
  • Adobe Target, A4T, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Launch
  • Google Analytics 360, Optimize 360, Google Tag Manager
  • Tealium Tag Management, AudienceStream
  • Monetate
  • Mixpanel

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