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How do you get the data and insights you need to better design your emails, reward a loyal customer with relevant content, and maximize your conversion rate optimization efforts? Email testing, of course!

Improve Your Email Campaign Performance

It’s vital to continuously A/B test your email campaigns to better segment your audience, improve engagement, and ultimately achieve email optimization success. Using the data to develop a targeted email marketing strategy will improve email conversions — which has a bigger impact in your bottom line than most other marketing efforts!

Email A/B Testing Diagram

Email A/B Testing Diagram


Engagement is Everything

Basic email testing that looks at opens and clicks may show you how your audience reacts to your subject lines, but it leaves out crucial information about how they engage with the content.

At Blast, we test more than 20 elements of your emails to tell you the full story of your audience, from inbox to purchase.

Our email optimization consulting team is able to test your messaging and read results with any email tool that you currently use, integrating data from other systems to give you a full view of your customers’ path.


Forget About Email Marketing “Best Practices”

Designing campaigns with generic email marketing “best practices” won’t guarantee your desired campaign outcomes, because what works for one audience won’t necessarily work for yours.

We believe in the value of real-time, behavior-based trigger emails to build relationships with your customers. Our email optimization consultants continually test, analyze, learn, and apply new knowledge, so your results are constantly improving.

Starting with your business objectives and campaign goals, we’ll design a strategy for your email testing campaign customized to your specific needs, ensuring messages integrate appropriately with your other channels and offline efforts.

Every step of the campaign’s execution is data-driven to fine-tune testing and email conversion optimization efforts. Engagement and conversion data is leveraged to inform design, segmentation, and copywriting decisions.

Get Started With These Testing Tips

Email testing allows you to gather tons of actionable insights that will help you iterate and EVOLVE your email campaigns. Here are a few tips to help get you started:

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Let’s Discuss Your Needs

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