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Analyze Marketing Performance & Discover Opportunities

Organizations must act on data faster and more effectively to identify new business opportunities ahead of competitors. Data visualization tools enable businesses to visually interact with data to gain insights and make critical decisions more quickly.

Data visualization can provide clarity and help EVOLVE your business with actionable insights, data democratization, and interactive elements that let stakeholders drill down and provide self-service discovery. With our deep expertise, Blast can help your organization strategize, implement, and launch data visualization in Tableau.


Provide insights that may be missed in traditional reports

Enable users to interact with data

Tell stories from the data and create discussions

Quickly access relevant business insights

Consolidate data from multiple sources for a more complete analysis

Clearly communicate performance towards goals and objectives



  • Kickoff Meeting – Understand business key performance indicators (KPIs) and segmentation goals; introduce customer segmentation process
  • Data Visualization Discovery Sessions
  • Top 5 KPI Identification
  • Data Utilization – Up to 2 sources (database, data warehouse, or .csv file)
  • Requirements Development
  • Dashboard Creation – 1 dashboard with up to 4 data visualizations, or 4 separate data visualizations instead of a dashboard)
  • Stakeholder Feedback – With 2 rounds of revisions

*Also available: ETL, data modeling and predictive analytics, and data warehouse services.



  • Business Questions and Objectives
  • Business Requirements
  • 1 Dashboard – With up to 4 data visualizations, or 4 separate data visualizations instead of a dashboard)
  • Stakeholder Review – With 2 rounds of revisions

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Common Supported Tools

  • Tableau
  • PowerBI
  • Domo

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