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Blast’s content strategy consulting services are delivered within our same proven framework–Strategy, Implementation, Optimization, and Training — as all of our digital marketing services. This unique, holistic approach guides you and your team through the various steps and activities required for a successful, sustainable content strategy.

Content Strategy Consulting Process


By meeting with you and other key stakeholders to better understand your business and challenges, we ensure your goals are met through customer journey-focused content strategies and planning. Specifically, our thorough research, audits, and analysis helps identify opportunities and minimize threats.

  • Discovery and Alignment – We take time to learn more about you and your business, and how our content strategy can best be applied to help you and all impacted stakeholders to achieve real results aligned with your overall business objectives.
  • Goal Setting – Developing goals and identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs), in the form of a documented Digital Marketing Framework, is an essential outcome of the Strategy phase. It sets you and your team on course to achieve specific results, with confidence that your efforts closely align to the business.
  • Content Audit – A thorough evaluation of your existing online content is a critical step in understanding what content you have, where it lives, and how it is currently being used. Leveraging both quantitative and qualitative data, the Content Audit is one of the most powerful tools for executing a content strategy, as it lays the groundwork for identifying opportunities (and threats) and developing recommendations, while prioritizing where your content team should spend time.
  • Content Theme Strategy – Serving as the foundation for a focused content strategy initiative, the Content Theme Strategy is the result of comprehensive keyword research, identifying what people are searching for, and where you should place your content development effort. Essentially, Blast will help you understand where the demand for content is so you can deliver and achieve results accordingly.
  • Content Gap AnalysisLeveraging the Content Theme Strategy, you’ll receive a “health assessment” of your current content, factoring business goals, user needs, competitor activities, resources constraints, and other factors that impact your content. This analysis informs your content strategy stakeholders and leads to actionable insights.
  • Content Roadmap – Driven by the customer journey, a comprehensive roadmap helps guide what content to produce, where to publish it, and when to deliver it. The content roadmap also informs you of the people and processes required to efficiently and effectively execute your content strategies.


To be successful, you must connect your goals and strategies with specific tactics for publishing high-quality content mapped to the customer journey, across multiple channels. As your content strategy consultant, our recommendations are driven by data, guided by experience, and grounded in best practices.

  • Persona Development – Identifying your target users and types exponentially increases the likelihood of success in creating and delivering relevant, useful, and actionable content. We’ll work with you to develop a clear definition of your target users, and then map content to the specific customer journey.
  • Message Hierarchy – In order to prioritize content needs for specific target audiences, tell your story in a consistent manner, and further align your organization-wide content, you need a message hierarchy. Building off your existing brand and messaging efforts, and what’s available in your content today, Blast will help you organize your messages in such hierarchy (e.g., primary, secondary, supporting points).
  • Content Structure (Information Architecture) – Before embarking on your content development efforts, it’s imperative to consider the structure of your site and content, including navigation, pages, links, and other elements. Blast can help you identify the best channels, platforms, and formats for delivering content to target users, while also building “content suites” around the most high-value opportunities.
  • Content Development – While your content team will develop the majority of your content, Blast is available to help support the process. Whether you need another pair of eyes to review copy or additional writing horsepower, you’ll benefit from our team’s writing and editing expertise, particularly as it relates to SEO.


Working with Blast, you’ll receive ongoing review and testing of your content assets to continuously enhance the user experience, increase engagement, and drive greater conversion. Our analysis and insights can improve your content efforts and keep you ahead of the competition.

  • Search Engine OptimizationAs part of our holistic content strategy offering, you’ll benefit from Blast’s long-standing expertise in SEO to help improve your search engine visibility, content authority, rankings, traffic, and conversion. For greater success, we focus on helping you develop and distribute quality content that maps to different stages in the customer journey, and in multiple formats.
  • Testing and User ExperienceEffective content strategy requires continuous testing and refinement to keep your efforts aligned with your users’ needs. Our experts work with you to refine your content assets and overall user experience to increase the likelihood of conversion and retention, and thus, your ROI.
  • Reporting and Analysis – You’ll stay informed throughout your content strategy engagement, with robust reporting, analytics, and visualizations to help you make smarter, data-driven decisions. We’ll help you monitor ongoing performance to maintain your content leadership, identify new opportunities, and mitigate threats.


To maximize the return on your content strategy investment, it’s essential you and your team understand the processes, tools, and best practices used. Our content strategy consulting services include training and resources to help you orchestrate and govern successful content strategy on an ongoing basis.

  • Content Workflow Process – It’s imperative to define in detail the processes, resources, and tools required to launch and maintain successful content initiatives. Not only will you increase the efficiency, quality, and consistency of your content, you’ll save time and frustration, while fulfilling your users’ needs.
  • Content Governance – A critical element for long-term execution, governance is the daily management of content development, delivery, and maintenance. Blast will help you establish a documented structure (across people, processes, and technology) to keep you on track and ensure you are distributing content where your users are looking.
  • Content Development Tools and Templates – As part of our content strategy consulting, you’ll benefit from a range of tools and templates to help streamline the creation and distribution of your content efforts, including editorial calendars, writing worksheets, production checklists, and more.

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