Content SEO Audit

The Essential Marketing Ingredients

Content is your service to customers before they become customers – providing useful information, representing the face of your business, acting as your virtual salesperson, and persuading them to take action. It makes sense to invest in something so integral to your online reputation and brand visibility.

High quality content is the best marketing tool you can have. Strong rankings and site authority are dependent on the presence of quality, keyword-targeted and useful content. It’s not enough to get users to your site – click through rate, time on page, social shares and reviews are all important ranking factors as well. This means you have to write for people and search engines, and our team can help you find that balance.

Our team can audit all of your web content, including all text, images, video, PDF documents and other media. We include meta data, image alt text, link attributes, and html. The result of the content SEO audit is a documented review of your site content from a quantitative perspective, a detailed report of the issues found, areas that are already successful, and opportunities available. You will receive a prioritized list of recommendations for improving SEO and user experience.

Topics Covered in the Content Audit

We perform an extensive analysis, prioritize your content SEO issues, and ultimately provide you with an Audit Overview and Content SEO Issue Scorecard. This scorecard gives you a quick snapshot of how you’re doing, followed by a deep dive into specific content SEO factors such as:

Content Structure

Customer Journey Alignment

Content Themes

Content Suites

Content Suite Implementation

Navigation & Content Architecture

Content Coverage

Content Suite Implementation

Navigation & Content Architecture

Lifecycle Content Coverage

Keyword Theme Content Coverage

Product Facet Lifecycle Content Coverage

Industry Vertical Content Coverage

Competitor Analysis

SERP Comparison Analysis

Current Google Rankings

Content Keyword Focus

SERP Comparison Analysis

Current Google Rankings

Content Keyword Focus

Google Webmaster Tools Keyword Data

Content Keyword Focus (Extraction)

Content Keyword Targeting

Top Content Analysis

Top Pages by Authority

Top Pages by Organic Traffic

Top Pages by Goal Completion

Content Meta Data Analysis

Content Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

Content Headings Analysis

Home Page Heading Structure Analysis

Secondary Page Heading Structure Analysis

Tertiary Page Heading Structure Analysis

Content Optimization

Image Optimization

ideo Optimization

Unique Content Issues (Samples)

Image Optimization

ideo Optimization

Improper Country/Language Redirects

Page Rendering/Resizing

Usability Issues

HTML (Content) Sitemap

Footer Recommendations

Pop-up Page Indexed

International Domain Content Part of US Search Results

After the Audit

If you decide to engage our team with an ongoing partnership agreement, we will construct a detailed 3-month plan that we will work with your content marketing team to implement.

We then produce a content theme strategy based on in-depth keyword research. This document strategically guides recommendations regarding what content needs to be created and optimized so that you can stay ahead of the competition. 

Commit to Quality Content

Contact our solutions team if you’re ready to see the full picture of how your content is received by users and search engines.

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