Connected Online Marketing

How Connected Marketing Works

Connected Marketing starts by making your website the “Hub.” In the digital world, your website is your storefront; your top salesperson. Thus, your online marketing strategy needs to connect with users at each phase of the buying cycle and help them gravitate towards your website.

As users buzz between the hub (website) and spokes (online channels), your marketing efforts are amplified.

Online Marketing Channels (Spokes)

Each individual online marketing channel should be able to stand alone AND be part of the overall online marketing strategy. This way, users can access relevant information through their preffered medium. Social Conversation Prism

Proven Process. Measurable Results.

As connected marketing is at the core of our online marketing partnership agreements, we know that process is the key to success. The list below provides just a glimpse of how we help clients dramatically improve online marketing ROI: 

  • Define KPIs for online marketing
  • Choose Metrics that accurately track success
  • Prioritize for ROI  to focus marketing efforts
  • Define Mediums and how to use them
  • Create Content that is valuable to the user
  • Distribute Content throughout all channels
  • Connect Channels with simple pathways
  • Engage Audience with your awesomeness
  • Encourage Sharing between people/mediums
  • Monitor and continuously improve
  • Prepare for Total Domination.

Connecting to Higher ROI

When all parts of an online marketing communication strategy are cohesive, your Return on Investment (ROI) for each individual piece is enhanced. The key is to spread your influence by carefully selecting higher ROI mediums and using them appropriately.

A holistic approach will improve conversion rates, create higher user engagement, and generate a higher volume of quality traffic.

Need help prioritizing your Connected Marketing efforts? We can help. Request Information Online or call 1(888) 252-786 to learn more.

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