Connected Marketing

Goal: Connect with Users Where, How, and When they want to receive information.

Channeling User Behavior

A new user behavior has emerged. People are more channel choosey than ever before. To save time and energy, they default to a particular online marketing medium to find specific types of information. By understanding how your target audience behaves, you can build stronger relationships and amplify your marketing efforts.

  • How – Platform (Desktop, TV & Mobile)
  • When – Mood (personal versus business) and Frequency (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc)
  • Where – Channel – Multitude of Online Marketing Channels (search, website, email, social, blog, local)

What is Connected Marketing?

Connected Marketing is an innovative approach to online marketing that considers each individual channel as well as the relationship between channels.

Connected Marketing

When all parts of an online marketing communication strategy are cohesive, your Return on Investment (ROI) for each individual piece is amplified. Connecting your marketing channels improves conversion rates, creates higher user engagement, and generates a greater volume of quality traffic.

Connect to Higher ROI

Connected marketing forms the core of our online marketing partnership agreements. A comprehensive strategy is developed using the collective knowledge of in-house experts based on measurable goals. As implementation unfolds, a simple dashboard tracks your success. Strengths and weaknesses are easily identified for each online marketing channel.

If you’re ready to start cultivating stronger relationships through connected marketing, contact us online or call 1(888) 252-786 to learn more.

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