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Web Optimization Tips and Tools from SES New York 2009

April 20, 2009           Conversion Testing

It’s very simple to improve the conversion of your website. First make sure your site works and fix anything that is broken. 99% of the sites we perform website evaluations on have a variety of common problems such as bad internal/external links that lead to error pages, form validation issues, functionality like forms and shopping carts that don’t work reliably, and etc. Once you have properly tested your site (Google Webmaster Tools and Xenu are great tools to identify broken links) you are ready to optimize it. Now, the key to website optimization is to better understand what people are doing on your website and why they are doing it.

Free Website Optimization Tools

Being a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant and Google Website Optimizer Technology Partner we are huge fans of Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer which are free tools that help you identify weak links in your site and test changes you make to your site to ensure you are going in a positive direction. In addition to these tools, 4Q Survey is a great free tool that helps you get a better idea of why people do what they do on your site and Crazy Egg is a very inexpensive tool that gives you deeper insight into what people are or are not clicking on in the context of a specific page.

Watch our short video interview after speaking at Search Engine Strategies New York 2009 where we discuss these website optimization tools, our process for improving conversion, and a couple case studies where we have quickly and easily delivered huge conversion rate increases:

Let us know if you have any questions about our simple process for tuning your website conversion rate. Enjoy these website optimization tips and have fun with these free tools!


  • Using video to promote products and services really does work. We find companies are waking up to video on the web and are starting to budget for video’s aimed purely for the Web, instead of just putting any old corporate video up there. If you want to make sales via your web site, Video is a MUST have.


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