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Urchin 7 Released – Limited Time Offer

September 2, 2010           Google Analytics

Now that Urchin 7 is available from Google, it’s a good time to address a question that we get from businesses inquiring about the Urchin analytics software. “What’s the difference between Google Urchin and Google Analytics?” Excitingly, many of the differences have been reduced with this new version of Urchin. Many of the things that Google has learned from Google Analytics, have been applied to Urchin 7.

Some of the best new features of Urchin 7 are:

  • An improved user interface (now similar to Google Analytics)
  • Advanced segments
  • Event tracking
  • Faster data processing (we know this is a big one for many of you on previous versions of Urchin)
  • Custom filter ordering
  • Report permalinks

There are many other great new features of Urchin 7 that make it a wise upgrade for many existing Urchin users.

Now, to further answer the questions of what the differences are between Google Analytics and Google Urchin, the biggest difference is what types of companies need Urchin. Over 90% of companies are best served by using Google Analytics. It is a free service to install and use and as Google Analytics Certified Consultants we offer affordable options for helping you get the most out of it.

Companies using Urchin usually have a specific need that can’t be met by Google Analytics. Some of those needs are government policies, data-privacy policies, and historical data processing needs. If you’re a company that falls into a category that can’t utilize Google Analytics by itself, we highly recommend you check out Urchin 7. Even if you are using or considered Urchin 6, Urchin 7 is a far superior product. And at $9,995US it is competitively priced against other enterprise analytics packages.

Current Urchin 6 owners that would like to upgrade will receive a discount off of the Urchin 7 license for the full amount originally paid.

Urchin 7 Purchase Special – $2,695 Value Bonus Package

To celebrate the release, the first ten Urchin 7 licenses purchased through Blast will receive the following bonus package:

  • 8 hours of Urchin Consulting for Installation and Migration support (a $1,200 value)
  • A SEO/UX Quick Audit from the Blast Advanced Media team to identify quick hitting tips to improve your website (a $1,495 value)

If you have any questions about Urchin 7 or if you’re interested in a free 30-day trial please give us a call at1 (888) 252-7866. Or you can Buy Urchin now.

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