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Skydeck – Manage Your Cell Phone Bill

November 10, 2008           Analytics

Last Friday, I signed up for Skydeck, a free web service that connects to your cell phone provider and allows you to keep track of your cell phone calls and text messages. The service works great and here are some highlights of its features:

  • Easily find out who of your friends you call the most or receive calls from (or text messages)
  • Search your calls.
  • Track expenses and overages.
  • Weekly email notifications that let you know how many minutes and texts you have remaining.

The service is free and claims to be free for all current features going forward, although they may charge for new, premium features later on down the road.

Skydeck also offers an API for developers to leverage this data. The possibilities of this API are endless. This TechCrunch post covers 10 applications that could be developed using the API.

The service currently works with all major U.S. providers: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, and T-Mobile.


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  • I was blown away by the applications that could be built using Skydeck so I thought I would add them as a comment so people would be more likely to see them. These apps have huge possibility.

    Top 10 Apps That Could Be Built With the Skydeck APIs (my title)

    1. You could write a plugin for Outlook or use Gmail’s API to display the last time you spoke to someone [on the phone] when you bring up an email from them.

    2. Or you could go further and create an app showing in one place the history of your email, IM, Skype, and cell phone conversations with all your contacts (the cell phone is the missing piece – all the other data is already accessible).

    3. You could write an app displaying every call longer than one minute in iCal at the date and time it took place, so that [a record of] all your calls appear in the same place as your in-person meetings.

    4. 37Signals could add a note to the Highrise page for every call you make to a contact tagged “Business” in Skydeck.

    5. RescueTime could display all the hours you spend on the phone alongside the applications you use and the web sites you visit.

    6. FreshBooks could break out calls with clients on invoices for their customers.

    7. LinkedIn could use ranking data to show which of the five people that we both know is best placed to introduce you to me.

    8. You could write an app to bring all this data back to your smartphone. We will target some phones ourselves, but we can’t address every platform and we won’t stop anyone from trying.

    9. You could write an app showing which of your Facebook friends you text [or call] most often. (You’d have to match on name because Facebook doesn’t disclose email addresses etc., but that’s not so hard.) Or use our measure of reciprocity to poke the friends that never call you back.

    10. You could throttle tweets to your cell phone based on how many text messages you have left in your plan. (We track how many minutes and text messages you have left each day).

    Integration with Salesforce is another obvious one. What apps would you build, or want to use, that ties into your cell-phone social network?


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