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Seven Great Enhancements to Google Analytics with Greasemonkey Plugin

November 11, 2008           Google Analytics

Looking for ways to easily enhance Google Analytics?

While reading news in my Web Analytics Association I stumbled across this great article “Social Media Metrics Greasemonkey Plugin For Google Analytics” that enables you to add social metrics to your content detail reports. (See example Google Analytics screenshot to the right)

Plus, I then found the Better Google Analytics Extension for Firefox. See below for some of the cool things it can do.

7 Great Enhancements using the “Better Google Analytics Firefox Extension

  1. Auto Access Your Google Analytics Account
  2. Cleaner Profile Switching
  3. Export To Google Docs from Google Analytics
  4. Google Analytics Absolute Conversion
  5. Google Analytics Advanced Date Selection
  6. Google Analytics Table Sorting
  7. Social Media Metrics

Here is a screenshot of the Firefox extension options

Learn more and get the Better Google Analytics Extension Now



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