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SEO Tip: Why Use Squidoo?

September 23, 2008           Digital Marketing

Unless you have been purposefully shunning the online social media movement over the past few years, by now you might have heard of a nifty website called Squidoo.
Squidoo is essentially a wiki website functioning on Seth Godin’s credo that “Everyone’s an expert on something!” By that standard, anyone who is passionate enough about a subject, be it a person, place or thing, is qualified to create a one-page site (called a “lens”) which allows them to share their knowledge with other users.

Interesting enough of an idea, right? So what is our primary reason here at Blast for advocating the use of Squidoo as a SEO tool?

Our primary reason is the probability that if executed correctly, a well-created and frequently maintained Squidoo lens can boost a person’s, product’s or service’s placement in search engine results pages (SERPs) and potentially drive traffic to a desired website. This is done by optimizing the lens with meaningful, keyword-dense headline tags and relevant well-authored content, both dynamic and static in nature. (Not unlike properly optimizing a regular website, is it?)

Simply put, Squidoo can help us to help our clients get a better foothold in SERPs.

It is also extremely useful for more specific online marketing goals, as briefly touched upon by one of the most well-respected pundits of online marketing himself, Seth Godin:

Ah, so many great SEO-boosting and online marketing possibilities to explore with Squidoo, and so little time to investigate other useful websites with charmingly peculiar names!



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