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November 10, 2008           Google Analytics, Conversion Testing

Google Analytics adds custom reports and advanced segmentation

These new features are in Beta, but should show up now when you log into Analytics. Advanced segmentation allows you to easily separate your traffic streams and then view these separations graphically. You can use existing segments or create new ones. Custom reports are where the fun begins, this is wide open. Custom reporting allows you to design different views of your data depending on whatever your objectives may be. The interface is drag/drop, so really you just need to figure out the lingo and get started. Use Google’s help section to get up to speed (Google’s help). Now if they can just get the Analytics API out we’ll be in heaven.


  • Joe

    The cool thing about the advanced segmentation is that you can segment by user-defined values or you can narrow down to just about any type of visitor (browser, etc).

    I tested out these features this morning and was able to quickly create a custom report that showed me transactions and revenue ranked by city.

  • cool!


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