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Meet Your Goals with Key Performance Indicators

January 27, 2008           Conversion Testing

Performance driven design is the future. Scratch that, it’s what
companies are doing now to gain competitive advantage by optimizing
their web sites in response to constantly shifting customer interest,
needs and desires.

The crux of this approach is to clearly identify your goals in order to reveal
your key performance indicators which bring meaning and value to your
web site metrics. KPIs help you analyze and measure your progress
toward meeting your goals. In fact, KPIs help you meet your goals by
giving you something tangible and actionable to work with versus
remaining too vague and idealistic as goals often do.

Want to meet your goals? Identify and analyze your KPIs and you will!
This is because you’ll be forced to better meet your customers needs
by seeing exactly what is and isn’t working for you in respect to your
web site pathways, messaging and more.

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