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Local Search gets even more powerful with Google Local Business Center

June 2, 2009           Digital Marketing

If you are serious about local search and thoroughly understanding your traffic sources, you need to check out the new activity dashboard in Google Local Business Center. It offers new reporting that shows impressions and, more importantly, the activity on your local search listings.

For example, it shows your top search queries, total website activity from local listings and how many clicked on ‘more info’, ‘directions’, or clicked to your website. You can even see ‘where driving directions requests come from‘ which can be quite insightful. You have to hand it to Google for continuing to help out businesses better analyze and market their businesses. Google even offers plenty of great tips on how to improve your local search listings and more.

If you haven’t already started using Google Local Business Center for managing your local search and Google Maps listings, you need to start. Other great features that you will want to take advantage of if you are managing a business with multiple locations or multiple businesses is the ability to do bulk business listing uploads. This is a huge timesaver for an agency like ours and for the in-house person who manages national business locations where local search is vital to search engine optimization success.

Login and start using Google LBC (Local Business Center) today!

Read the full Google announcement about the new LBC dashboard


  • Google Local is one of the few good ideas that Goggle had in the last times…
    Thanks for coment this tool I didn’t know it


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