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Google Website Optimizer A/B Test Tutorial for Content Page

January 10, 2009           Conversion Testing

In this post we demonstrate how to setup a Google Website Optimizer A/B test using the Motivity Ecommerce/CMS Platform.

The Motivity platform includes a Google Website Optimizer module that allows you to test your website content and ecommerce pages. In order to test pages you normally need to insert snippets of JavaScript code provided by Google into your pages which most content management and ecommerce systems currently don’t support. But this CMS platform does this automatically on every page and on many of the standard content areas of your site. In addition, you can use the button in any of the WYSIWYG site editors to add the Google Website Optimizer tags in order to make additional sections of the page testable.

Watch the Google Website Optimizer A/B Test setup using the Motivity platform:

Another great feature is that you can manage all of your A/B and Multivariate tests from a centralized location and see which pages are being tested in each of your tests.

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