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Easier Tracking of iPhone Analytics

February 26, 2009           Analytics, Google Analytics

An update to Google Analytics Advanced Segmentation feature allows you to quickly and easily see what your iPhone users are doing on your site. The iPhone has brought phone based web browsing to a new level making it simpler to view websites on their phones. As more and more smartphones make it easier to browse websites it will be important to see how these visitors use your site.

To see the iPhone statistics simply click on the Click the “Advanced Segments” drop down menu at the top-right of any report,select “Visits from iPhone”, and unclick “All Visits”. Now you are ready to see what you iPhone visitors are doing.

“If you use AdWords, you can now use Analytics to better analyze the performance of any campaigns that use our new iPhone and high-end mobile targeting feature,” explains Chrix Finne, Google Mobile Ads Team.

“We’ve added the iPhone segment to get you started, but you can always create a custom Advanced Segment to compare or combine iPhone visits with other mobile operating systems; for instance, if you’re targeting ads in AdWords to iPhone & high end mobile devices (which currently includes Android devices), you can create a new segment for iPhone & Android.”

You can read more at The Official Google Analytics Blog.



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