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Don’t be Misled by Sessions in Google Analytics Custom Reports

Have you ever created a report in Google Analytics only to feel that something just isn’t quite right with your data? You’re not the only one! In this blog post, Alex Molineux goes in-depth on some common mistakes made while using the Sessions Metric, as well as a few other dimensions and metrics, that can lead to misleading data and analysis. He’ll also teach you how to fix and/or avoid this problem altogether. Happy reporting!

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Nov 8, 2017    0 Comments

Conversion Testing

Optimizely X vs Classic: Top 8 Reasons to Upgrade

Optimizely has built on the foundations laid by their original A/B testing tool and added a whole suite of products to create Optimizely X. The new platform is ready to grow with your testing program, enabling you to broaden the types of tests you can run and support personalized content. The updates are designed to help companies make better business decisions, rather than simply getting a winning test. Read about the new features and how they compare to Optimizely Classic to find out why we strongly recommend optimizers and testers start using it as soon as they can.

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Aug 24, 2017    0 Comments

Conversion Testing

Optimizely X: PCI Compliance and What It Means for You

Breaking news from the team at Optimizely! As recently announced, Optimizely X now meets the demanding PCI compliance security standards specified by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Find out what this means for you and your experimentation program, and how you can use Optimizely X to test your full purchase funnel in ways you’ve never been able to before. Hint: If you previously set aside test plans because of the lack of PCI compliance, now is the time to re-engage!

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Jun 2, 2017    1 Comment

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