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Want to improve your Search Engine Marketing in 90 days?

February 5, 2010           Search Engine Optimization

I am speaking at SMX West

Kayden Kelly speaking at SMX West 2010

A 90 day plan to get your flabby SEM plan into fightin’ weight

If you need a little push to get yourself motivated this year to finally beef up your search engine marketing knowledge – you should check out SMX West 2010.   This event is for those who are ready to get serious about SEM and want to make an impact in their business within a short time frame.  SMX West is one of the largest search marketing conferences in the country, and it provides over 50 sessions to thousands of internet marketing professionals and experts.  It’s the end-all-be-all of search marketing events – and you are invited!

If you think you’d be interested, check out this blog entry from Search Engine Land about the  benefits of attending SMX West.  The organizers promise to have a little somethin’  for everyone, from the newbie web developer wanting to make connections, to the seasoned marketing professional looking to beef up their online marketing muscle.

“Feel the Burn, Ladies!”

Our online marketing, usability testing and website optimization specialist, Kayden Kelly, has been asked to speak at Search Marketing Expo West (SMX West) in Santa Clara, CA March 2-4.  If you’ve ever met Kayden Kelly you know he’s a dynamic, high energy, high impact guy – he’s like the Richard Simmons of optimization – always motivating others to action (except in his case, it’s to inspire them to improve their metadata, not to get up and Jazzer-size).

Kayden will be sharing his expertise on search engine marketing, and teaching small business leaders how to improve their SEM efforts and yes, even see results using a “90 day SEM fitness plan.” Always the motivator – Kayden’s session will help business professionals resolve to whip their flabby ROI into shape this new year.  No spandex or Jock Jams required (though, not discouraged!)

It’s a pretty big honor to be asked to speak, and this year Kayden Kelly will get to rub elbows with keynote speaker Steve Ballmer, the new CEO of Microsoft.  Fingers crossed he’ll give a rousing opening to the conference like he did at this Microsoft conference.  It should be a stellar event, and if you go make sure to say “hi” to Kayden.

The Power of E-Marketing Conference 2010

The Power of E-Marketing Conference 2010

Kayden will also be representing Blast at The Power of eMARKETING Conference in San Francisco  on April 21-22.  As a thought leader in the search marketing and usability realm, Kayden was asked to lead a round table discussion on Organic and Paid Search Optimization with marketers from around the country.  It’s bound to be a great event like last year, and Blast is proud to have been invited to attend.



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