Authority SEO Audit

Strength Training for Websites

Evaluating your site’s authority (predictive search engine ranking strength) is important because it reveals how substantial your brand appears from an outside perspective, especially compared to your competitors. Building a distinguished online presence takes time and strategic planning. We help decipher what keywords, content, links, social media channels and other efforts are working to help people find your site.

Search engines use complex algorithms to rank results, so an authority audit requires extensive analysis of your site, as well as several competitive sites. We scrutinize specific pages on your site, as well as your domain as a whole, to determine your authority, and compare that to your competitors. We also thoroughly research any external contributing factors and provide your team with recommendations for improvement.

The opportunity in front of us is incredible; we are in a key position to help define the IA for one of the most trafficked websites in the world. The fact that we also have the ability to integrate SEO at this inception is very exciting.

-Tommy Redmond
Digital Marketing Manager, North America, PayPal

What Is Covered In An Authority SEO Audit?

An authority SEO audit will review many factors to provide you with an Audit Overview and Authority SEO Scorecard. This scorecard gives you a quick snapshot of how you’re doing, followed by a deep dive into specific content SEO factors such as:

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Comparison

Keyword Ranking Analysis

Content Coverage

Competitive Link Profile Comparisons

On-Site SEO Factors

Internal Link Analysis

Geotargeting / Local Authority

Off-Site SEO Factors

External Link Quality Analysis

Deep Inbound Linking Analysis

Backlink Analysis

App Store (ASO)

Social Media

Knowledge Graph

Taking the First Step

Contact our solutions team if you’re interested in getting a better understanding of the technical SEO factors which may be affecting your site’s performance.

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