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They say anyone can make the simple complicated, but that creativity is making the complicated simple. Here at Blast we pride ourselves on creating things that help us, and you, keep it simple. Whether it’s something small like a document template or as big as an entire application, we strive to work smarter, not harder.

The following are some tools and resources that we’ve developed over the years to help us, and our clients, stay on track. We hope you find them useful!

Digital Analytics Blog

Validate 2017: Top 6 Data Governance Takeaways
Data Management

Validate 2017: Top 6 Data Governance Takeaways

Up until now, data governance hasn’t received a lot of attention, especially within digital analytics, but that’s changing. Data-driven decision making is driving the focus on data governance to ensure business models are…

Supporting Women in Analytics and Marketing

Supporting Women in Analytics and Marketing

Supporting women in analytics and marketing should be implicit, yet we still operate in a global business environment where not everyone is treated equally. There are many capable, successful women in…

Mining Customer Journey Insights from Adobe Analytics
Adobe Analytics

Mining Customer Journey Insights from Adobe Analytics

Stop asking general questions. Become more proactive with customer journey analysis reports. Every business has a unique customer journey, which probably spans devices and crosses both online and offline channels…

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Get Clickstream data and own your Google Analytics data

Get unsampled Google Analytics Data

Web Analytics Unit (WAUnit)

Open Source Data Quality Monitoring (Regression) Tool


Easy-to-use report automation tools for Google Analytics

RPV Calculator

Revenue per Visitor Statistical Significance Calculator

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Over the years, we’ve constantly been evolving from what we know, iterating from challenge to challenge to continuously improve our results.

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