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Attract New Customers to your site with Free Search Engine Listings

We'll help you attract new customers to your site by making changes to your web site (such as optimizing content, modifying source code, renaming images and page filenames, etc.) and informing people that your site exists to build brand and product awareness through online press releases, search engine submissions, link building, and more.

Also, we have a one of a kind Video SEO tool that optimizes video content to gain even more real estate on the search engine results pages. Our objective is to increase your overall visibility/findability on search engines and achieve high rankings on targeted keyphrases on the major search engines.

Pay to Drive Targeted Customers to your site with Search Engine Marketing

We can help you target and attract new customers to your web site by using pay for performance and/or pay per click marketing methods. This way you only pay for people that make a purchase, fill out a form, or just visit your web site from a targeted ad source based on words a user searches for, content a user views, or user demographics.

The objective is to help you create the most effective ads and determine where to place these ads in order to attract the maximum number of new customers on the smallest budget possible.

Drive Word of Mouth using Email, Video, and More with Social / Viral Marketing

We have a proven system for driving word of mouth and creating "buzz" among groups of people on the web. We often use attention getting videos that take people by surprise in order to break through the clutter and get them talking about products, services, and other messages we are promoting. These people in turn help spread the word to people they know through email, blogs, social networking sites, and more.

Social and/or Viral marketing is a very creative and customized effort that can be accomplished on a very lean budget and 50% of the time will produce favorable results that greatly exceeds the investment. Approximately 1 out of 80 viral campaigns will have an impact that can surpass the results of large budget, traditional marketing campaigns.

Help you Measure your Online and Offline Marketing Effectiveness

We can help you optimize your marketing investment by helping you track all of your online and offline magazine, newspaper, tv, and radio marketing campaigns and improve overall reporting and effectiveness by driving everything through your web site. We can help you measure your cost per lead for each campaign, help you understand which campaigns are providing you with quality leads and what quantity of leads, and most importantly help you maximize the number of leads/sales you get while minimizing your total spend.

Online Advertising

In general, the design of online ads focuses on grabbing attention and driving traffic to the site. We can provide both creative and strategic services to maximize the return on marketing investment for all of your advertising efforts. Whether creating social and viral campaigns or utilizing banner ad campaigns we research strategies and benchmark results to show clear value to our clients.

Through a partnership with Constant Contact we help businesses and organizations successfully connect to their customers, clients, and members through professional email marketing and survey communications.
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Podcasting can be used as an extremely affordable marketing tool, connecting you to clients, customers and others in your network. Podcasts can be produced very quickly allowing you to capitalize on timely events with rapid, flexible information distribution. Podcasting can also used to extend the use of already produced content and increase traffic to your website.

We can help you create, publicize, and distribute your podcasts, as well as submit your podcast to directories, and create feedback mechanisms so users can give you feedback.

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