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Meet Your Goals with Key Performance Indicators

Performance driven design is the future. Scratch that, it’s whatcompanies are doing now to gain competitive advantage by optimizingtheir web sites in response to constantly shifting customer interest,needs and desires. The crux of this approach is to clearly identify your goals in order to revealyour key performance indicators which bring meaning and value to yourweb […]

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January 27, 2008    0 Comments

Conversion Testing

How to Calculate Web Site Design ROI

To properly calculate web site design ROI or any return on investment for that matter: Return – Investment = Net GainNet Gain / Investment = Return On Investment (ROI) Here is an Example ROI calculation: $200,000 (return) – $20,000 (investment) = $180,000 (net gain)$180,000 (net gain) / $20,000 (investment) = 9.00 or 900% ROI Now […]

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January 26, 2008    0 Comments

Conversion Testing

User Testing and Research Meets Client’s Goals

Client Roseville Health and Wellness Center ( is a nationally recognized, upscale fitness and medical treatment center. It’s all about personalized total body wellness in a comfortable and supportive environment. Roseville HWC was voted #1 Health Club by Health and Fitness Magazine & #1 Wellness Center in the United States by the Medical Fitness Association […]

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January 21, 2008    0 Comments

Conversion Testing

What People Say Isn’t Necessarily What They Do

There is a funny story about this fundamental truth. When Sony was introducing the boom box, the company gathered a group of potential consumers and held a focus group on what color the new product should be: black or yellow. After some discussion among the group of likely buyers, everyone agreed that consumers would better […]

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January 5, 2008    0 Comments

Digital Marketing

Our Featured Speaker at Web Builder 2.0 in Vegas

Kayden Kelly will be a featured speaker at Web Builder 2.0 in Las Vegas in December. The Management & Strategy track at Web Builder 2.0 will feature the latest thinking on how to increase your site’s traffic, sales and overall ROI, while also examining how to manage and capitalize on the unique opportunities presented by […]

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September 7, 2007    2 Comments


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