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Motivity CMS & Google Website Optimizer API

October 21, 2009           Conversion Testing

Google publicly announced the new Website Optimizer Experiment Management API at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit conference in Washington, DC on October 20th. Google previously chose Blast Advanced Media’s Motivity CMS platform to test integration with the new Website Optimizer API and to provide feedback and suggestions.

Below is a snippet from Google’s blog announcement that explains the benefit of this new API integration:

“One of the most important steps in creating an experiment is adding the Website Optimizer tags to the test pages. This step can be problematic if your website uses a content management system or a third party shopping cart since it can be difficult to directly access the code for these pages.

With the Website Optimizer Experiment Management API, these platforms can integrate Website Optimizer directly into their services. Today we have two platforms that are launching their integrations: CrownPeak and Blast Advanced Media’s Motivity CMS.”

As one of two Google Website Optimizer Technology Partners selected, Blast developers have been working on the Website Optimizer Experiment Management API integration for a couple months. Below is a recap of what this means (in our words) and how this benefits users of CMS (Content Management System) platforms like CrownPeak and our own Motivity CMS.

Motivity CMS - Google Website Optimizer Setup

Motivity CMS - Google Website Optimizer Integration

No Touching Code

Users can create Google Website Optimizer experiments from within the CMS interface without ever touching code! That’s right – no touching code!

Users do not even have to log in to the Google Website Optimizer interface.

Test & Decide

Google’s Website Optimizer allows website owners to test variations of site content, design and layout. The results of the experiment are based on user behavior and show which content, design and/or layout converted the best. A marketer can then make informed decisions based on the impact of conversion rates.

Continually experimenting and testing usually yields an increase in revenue and ROI. The more a marketer tests, the more information they have to decide on how to turn their website into a money-making machine.

Motivity & Google Website Optimizer

Motivity CMS offered the ability to setup experiments prior to the API. However, the process was cumbersome at approximately 11 steps (5 within Motivity and 6 in Google Website Optimizer)! The site owner had to copy from Google’s Website Optimizer interface, paste into Motivity, then go back to Google’s interface to validate and start the experiment.

With the new API, you don’t have to leave Motivity CMS. The interface integrates and shakes hands with Google Website Optimizer. Starting an experiment is now seamless and painless at only 3 total steps!

The goal is to make it easier for site owners to create and manage Website Optimizer experiments. They will be more inclined to test their website and learn how to increase their conversion rates without having to touch the code.  The end result is a higher return on effort and investment and giving site visitors what they need in a format they prefer.

More about Motivity…

Ken Colburn - Googled Out!

Ken Colborn - Googled Out!

Ken Colborn, Blast’s Website Optimizer Director, is speaking at eMetrics Summit this week to speak and give a demonstration of Motivity CMS integration with Google’s new API. Ken spearheaded the work, and he deserves a huge round of applause! Below is a quote from Ken about working with the GWO API:

“The Google Website Optimizer API was easy to work with and helped us simplify the integration of Website Optimizer with our Ecommerce CMS.  Previously, it took 11 steps to set up an experiment. Now with the GWO API, it can be done in 3 very simple steps, which greatly improves the user experience.”

The Blast team has been excited to be involved in Google’s API launch! We are even more excited to be able to provide users of our Motivity CMS the ability to easily create and launch experiments.

Blast provides Motivity CMS implementation services that range from helping with simple questions to full implementation. Long-term goal is to offer Motivity as a SAAS (Software As A Service)/hosted solution for companies who don’t need customization and who want to use Motivity CMS and Google Website Optimizer together.

Call us at (916) 724-6714 for more Motivity CMS information or a free quote. Follow @MotivityCMS on Twitter.

Blast is extremely honored to be involved in Google’s API launch! We are even more excited to provide users of our Motivity CMS the ability to easily create and launch website optimization experiments.


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  • Ken Colborn

    See how we cut the steps down from 11 to only 3 steps with the GWO API. View our Google Website Optimizer API integration with Motivity CMS/Ecommerce Presentation from eMetrics 2009 in DC:


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