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Validate 2017: Top 6 Data Governance Takeaways

Data Management

Validate 2017: Top 6 Data Governance Takeaways

Up until now, data governance hasn’t received a lot of attention, especially within digital analytics, but that’s changing. Data-driven decision making is driving the focus on data governance to ensure business decisions are based on accurate data.

Hear our Top 6 takeaways from Validate 2017 — the recent ObservePoint conference in Park City, Utah. These tips and takeaways are straight from analytics industry experts and include insights regarding the future of data, how to break down barriers between Marketing and IT, whether or not you should add a Chief Data Officer (CDO) to your organization, and more.

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October 16, 2017    0 Comments

Hey! You! Get Onto the Cloud!

Analytics, Data Management

Hey! You! Get Onto the Cloud!

There are many good reasons to manage your data in the cloud to meet IT and business needs. And, when I went to AWS (Amazon Web Services) Summit 2017 in San Francisco, dare I say, it opened my mind to even more reasons for utilizing cloud platforms. The advancements in technology and improvements in services continue to make AWS a compelling solution to meet many requirements.

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July 2, 2017    0 Comments


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